Rolling around with gorillas* at Kwita Izina, Rwanda’s naming ceremony for baby gorillas

Today is Kwita Izina, the annual Rwandan ceremony for naming new baby mountain gorillas. Last year my husband and I got one of the many free invitations to the event and I recorded our experiences. This was my first time … Continued

Please don’t photograph for free just because you want to go to [insert country name]

  I’m going to say this straight: please don’t photograph for free just because you want to see Malawi or Cambodia or Haiti. “But the client will pay for my plane ticket and hotels and meals so it’s worth it … Continued

Rwandan orphanages and orphans for Hope and Homes for Children

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The children roam everywhere at Noel Orphanage, Rwanda’s largest institution for orphaned kids. They wander the grounds outside the main dormitories, opening random doors and kicking around broken toys on the ground. They run to strangers for hugs, tugging at … Continued

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